About IPC

The Iran Policy Committee (IPC), established in 2005, is a nonpartisan Washington, DC-based research institute focused on U.S. policy toward Iran. For more than fifteen years, IPC has produced actionable research and timely analyses for U.S. officials in the legislative and executive branches, convened briefings on urgent policy matters, and prompted a closer examination of the prospect of regime change by the Iranian people. IPC’s network – which includes former senior White House, State Department, Defense Department, and Intelligence Community officials, as well as prominent scholars from think-tanks and academia – have set forth their recommendations in books, reports, and op-eds, shared their expertise on a bipartisan basis, and participated in interviews and forums around the world. IPC remains committed to educating U.S. officials and the public about the Iranian regime’s malign activities and repressive institutions and the pro-democracy opposition seeking an end to clerical rule.