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  • President-elect Biden should continue sanctions, diplomatic isolation and support pro-democracy activities – with European support By Ivan Sascha Sheehan, Contributor Dec. 14, 2020 With Iran exceeding limits on its nuclear pursuits imposed under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the regime’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, taking a hardline stance by rejecting President-elect Joe Biden’s terms for reviving negotiations with the … Rerad More

  • A nonpartisan approach in Congress is essential for forming a cohesive long-term policy for the country. By Ivan Sascha Sheehan and Ramesh Sepehrrad Oct. 29, 2020 WITH RECORD NUMBERS OF Americans actively casting their ballots to decide who will assume the presidency of the United States and serve as their elected representatives in both of houses of Congress – and with domestic concerns from COVID-19 to … Rerad More

  • Ivan Sascha Sheehan|Posted: Aug 07, 2020 The Trump administration was right to adopt an assertive policy for dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran. And it was correct to implement a strategy of “maximum pressure” following withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal that left a range of vital issues unaddressed. But confronting the problems posed by the Iranian regime in … Rerad More

  • Prof. Ivan Sascha Sheehan is the Executive Director of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Baltimore. Opinions expressed are his own. Follow him on Twitter @ProfSheehan. n organized effort to replace the Islamic Republic of Iran’s theocratic dictatorship with a democratic system of government is underway and it is picking up steam. So why is the mainstream media … Rerad More

  • By Ivan Sascha Sheehan February 20, 2020 -Over the past year, Western media have increasingly repeated the Iran regime’s disinformation seeking to discredit the Iranian resistance. This weekend the New York Times became the latest left-leaning outlet to mislead its readers by repeating a litany of baseless allegations against Iranians who advocate regime change in Tehran. The article’s salacious claims can be … Rerad More

  • By Ivan Sascha Sheehan Feb. 20 (UPI) — When it was first reported that Iranian authorities were purging hundreds of political candidates, including more than 90 incumbents, from this week’s parliamentary elections, President Hassan Rouhani responded by saying that the move posed a threat to democracy. But his outrage was short-lived, ending as soon as it became clear that Iranians were poised to … Rerad More

  • By Ivan Sascha Sheehan | Fox News Iran’s domestic activists have made international headlines on a number of occasions in recent years. Global media reported on the latest protests, which emerged this past weekend in the wake of the regime’s admission that it shot down a passenger airliner amidst heightened tensions with the United States. But what many reports miss … Rerad More

  • For decades, the U.S. has hesitated to challenge the regime’s authority in Tehran. Recent unrest suggests a change is needed. By Ivan Sascha Sheehan, Contributor, U.S. News, Nov. 28, 2019, at 7:00 a.m. Protests are a common occurrence in the Islamic Republic of Iran. But there are a number of factors that make ongoing demonstrations against the regime particularly worrisome … Rerad More